Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Guys and Bad Guys.

My kids ask me things.

Things that sometimes, I do not really know how to answer.

You see, I want to answer their questions, but I want to make sure that I always honestly report the facts to them (you know, for stuff other than the deep cultural betrayals that are the legends of Santa and The Easter Bunny. Bridge, we will cross you later.) and make sure that they understand the world, in a way that keeps their eyes and minds open. I feel it's my job as a parent to do this.

So the kids are playing this Toy Story video game and Cora asks me "Mommy, is Zurg a bad guy?"

(For those of you who don't know, Zurg is the space alien, who is the nemesis of Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger) and I started thinking and I told her, "You know kid, Zurg is allegedly a 'Bad Guy. But all people who have done bad things are still capable of good. And maybe Zurg is angry at Buzz Lightyear because Space Command ordered him to blow up Zurg's spaceship. And maybe Zurg's wife and kids were killed in the explosion.... So now Zurg just wants to avenge the death of his family. So really, it's a matter of perspective."
To which she replied "What?!? Mommy, is Zurg a Bad Guy?"

Sigh. "Yes, yes Coraline, he is a Bad Guy." I think I need to lay off of watching 24 for a few nights.

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