Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cursing Children are HILARIOUS.

Holden's favorite new phrase to say is "God damn it!". He uses it in the proper context too, so he's killing me.

He drops his sippy cup,"God damn it!", bumps his head, "God damn it!".

I know it's a phase that all kids go through when they are his age and that you aren't supposed to laugh, but come on.... it's a two year old cursing. And cursing children are hilarious.

How do you tell someone that they caused you to grip your stomach and double over in uproarious laughter and that what they have done was wrong?

Our kids are the spawns of funny people, and about 99.99% of the time around here, Jude and I will both go for the laugh, regardless of consequence (Mike and Sarah, I am sooooo sorry about that very uncomfortable game of Loaded Questions that we played that ended with us almost getting divorced, he thought it was really funny).

It also doesn't help that we curse like sailors. We could put out a jar, fill it with coins every time we swore and label it swear jar College Fund. I love my kids. I hope they turn out to be polite, productive parts of society. But they will never take saying "fuck" and "God damn it" (and Jude says when I say "Son of a bitch!", I say it like Adam Sandler. That must be sexy) away from me. When a salty "fuck" slips out of my mouth, well, that's pure me time.

So hopefully Holden gets over this cursing thing soon. And if not, he is gonna have a real entertaining year worth of report cards coming home from his Kindergarten class and some lively conversation at the parent teacher conferences.

And I am gonna make the teacher repeat back what he said. In an Adam Sandler voice.

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