Monday, July 16, 2012

Amy Seinfeld. Starbucks purchaser.

This post is from February 2012, when I was going through Mocha Coconut Frappuccino withdrawals. Enjoy!
So, I have this Seinfeldian relationship with the Starbucks across the street. It's my fault really. I first discovered Starbucks in July (a late bloomer, I know).

I was in love with this Mocha Coconut Frappuccino. My Frap was so good. It was sweet, a bit like a dessert, but still thirst quenching. After my first Frap, I went in a few days later to have another, then another, until I was getti
ng them daily. It became a delicious, frosty reward after a day filled with heaps of bullshit.

And then it happened. I went to get my drink and it was gone. It was just GONE. They told me it was a summer drink. I cried a little and tried to fill the Mocha Coconut shaped void in my heart by telling this doe-eyed brunette to dump some coconut flakes into a Mocha Frappuccino. It just wasn't the same. Actually it was kinda like eating a really gritty, icy candy bar, which sounds good in theory, but in reality was pretty disgusting. I walked out and decided that until it returned and I could buy them by the pallet and freeze them, I would stick to getting a regular, no frills Mocha Frap, like all the other Frapheads.

The next couple times I came in, I just got a Mocha Frap. Then one of the times, I was in a rush. I didn't realize doe-eyes was working and she snuck in the coconut flakes. Crap. But I just didn't have time to go back in. And she probably felt like she was the only one who remembered my love for coconut and had memorialized that by dumping what must have been half a pound of coconut flakes in the drink.

So I didn't say anything and just drank (chewed) the damn thing. A couple times passed after that of regular fraps and then doe-eyes did it again. But she seemed so happy to have remembered my love of coconut, that I felt like I would have crushed her spirit by sending it back and telling her that I despised drinking it that way.

So now, when I go into Starbucks, I bide my time until next summer, mostly drinking regular old no-frills Mocha Frappuccinos and the occassional chewed cup of coconut slurry.

And when my Mocha Coconut finally returns, I hope doe-eyes is the one who gets to tell me and I hope it makes her day.

It fucking better because these coconut flakes are disgusting.

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