Monday, August 20, 2012

Worst thing she could have said.

Cora walked up to me and told me that she had peed on the floor.

Damn it.

I really didn't feel like cleaning up pee.

But then she tells me that she cleaned it herself. WORST CASE SCENARIO.

Because when a kid says that they cleaned a mess themselves, they basically mean that they have spread the mess and made it worse. Even the best intended child will end up clogging the toilet and covering themselves head to toe in whatever it was they were trying to clean up.

So when Cora told me that she had used toilet paper to clean the pee, my heart dropped.

Thankfully, my urine coated child had enough foresight to flush enough times that she didn't clog the toilet. But she did basically use urine to mop my entire bathroom floor.

Fuck. Why can't the Pinesol lady be a superhero, who shows up in situations like this and cleans your floor. The whole "Power of Pinesol" thing would make so much more sense.

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