Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Overheard in the Terror Kid's Room...

I am genuinely concerned about my kid's imaginations negatively influencing other children that they play with. Some things I have heard in the last five minutes from their bedroom while playing Barbies...

"She's dead! She's dead!"
Gunshot Sound Effects
"I will kick your ass!" (Cora, but she thought I didn't hear it, so I'm letting it slide)
"You're going back to jail!"
"I want Phoenix" (Phoenix's Barbie) "She's dead too!" (Cora)
"He's got a lot of power and he's making everybody bad guys!"
More Gunshots
"Don't you know, I'm your friend?....I'm one of your friends. I'm not a bad guy!"

"I made you a bad guy!"

Now they are having an epic battle to the death.

Oh girls. I'm kind of proud. They are little ass-kickers.
Their Barbies don't go to prom and make out with Ken. They blow shit up and fight Zombies.

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