Friday, February 1, 2013

Mainstream bullying at it's finest.

Jesse Heiman

Bar Rafaeli


These are words that were used to describe this commercial, set to air on Sunday, during Superbowl XLVII.

I just want to say that while I'm not at all shocked or disgusted by the commercial itself, what I am shocked and disgusted at is the insinuation behind the commercial, as well as the reaction of both members of the public who were interviewed, and the hosts who commentated on Good Morning America this morning.

If you cannot watch the video in the link, the commercial portrays Danica Patrick introducing supermodel, Bar Rafaeli, Godaddy's "sexy side" to actor, Jesse Heiman, portraying "Walter, Godaddy's smart side." They look at each other and begin kissing.




You know what, fuck you people. How do you think this guy feels? You know, other than the fact that he "got" to make out with Bar Rafaeli for 45 minutes. Maybe he's funny. Maybe he's a tiger in the sack. Maybe he would be the sweetest damn boyfriend you would ever have. Maybe he will be the greatest man that you have ever known.

But you're an asshole, right? So you would never date a "nerd"? It's disgusting? Really, is it disgusting?

You know what is disgusting? This attitude that "pretty" people are better than others. That nerds should be so lucky as to have one of them step down off of their pedestal for 45 minutes and pay them some attention.

And Bar Rafaeli is an asshole. Because when asked to comment on the commercial she said, "I have always wanted to go into a bar and find the one person who I was least likely to be attracted to.... Just the most unlikely person there and kiss them in front of everyone....Really just make his, um... week." You know the wheels were turning and she wanted to say "life", but she thought better of it.

Check in with us in twenty years, Bar. You know, when Jesse is a millionaire because he honed some sort of actual talent and your tits are saggy and you have nothing else going on, so no one likes you anymore.

Then you can do a second commercial and people can comment on how SHOCKING AND DISGUSTING it is for someone to make out with you. Let's see how smug you feel about it then. Count how many times you chuckle and toss your hair.

And for everyone on Good Morning America and those people on the street that they interviewed who were all to quick to label this guy "a nerd", thanks for leaving the real men to people who truly appreciate them. Enjoy your shallow, meaningless lives and eventual, multiple midlife crises.

A wife to one special nerd and friend of nerds everywhere,
Amy Terror

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